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Alarms Plus: Annual Inspection Schedules

Alarms Plus, as a dedicated provider of comprehensive alarm services, takes pride in providing annual inspection schedules. This service ensures that alarm systems, whether for businesses or homes, are functioning optimally, enhancing safety measures for all clients. This article explores the essence and process of the yearly review routine.

Why the Necessity for an Annual Inspection?

The primary motivation behind the annual inspection is to bolster security measures. Just like any other electronic system, alarm systems can experience wear and tear, glitches, or become obsolete. Annual checks aid in the early detection and rectification of such issues.

The Annual Alarm System Inspection Process

An annual alarm inspection involves a detailed examination of all the components of an alarm system. This process is designed to assess the integrity and performance of the system.

Detection Devices

These devices, including motion sensors, door contacts, and glass break detectors, are primarily checked for physical damage and alignment.

Control Panel

The control panel, the heart of an alarm system, is closely examined for power supply, battery health, and communication links.

What Does the Annual Inspection Package Include?

The package encapsulates a full inspection, a thorough clean-up of the system, and a complete report of the inspection findings.

  1. Full Inspection: Every portion of the alarm system is examined meticulously.
  2. Clean up: Parts of the system are cleaned to prevent dust accumulation.
  3. Report: Clients are provided with an extensive report detailing faults found and corrective measures taken.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to schedule an annual inspection?

It is advisable to schedule the inspection at a time when you will be free to walk through your home or business premises with the inspection team. However, Alarms Plus can accommodate virtually any schedule to ensure minimal disruption to your day-to-day activities.

What if issues are detected during the inspection?

If issues are found, Alarms Plus has a team of skilled technicians who can carry out repairs immediately or as scheduled, based upon the severity of the problem and your preference.


Annual inspections are indeed, an integral part of maintaining the longevity and functionality of an alarm system. Alarms Plus not only offers this service but also ensures thorough inspections with comprehensive reports to keep your alarm system at peak performance. Remember, a well-maintained alarm system is your best defense against unforeseen security breaches.

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